First Grimrock 2 screen shows the great outdoors

Legend of Grimrock Screenshot - 1143100

Legend of Grimrock 2 developer Almost Human recently revealed the very first screen for the upcoming first-person dungeon crawler. If you were expecting a dreary indoor setting, you may be surprised to discover that the first image of the game actually shows off a beautiful outdoor landscape.

Details surrounding Grimrock 2 are currently under wraps, so we don't have much to go on aside from this screen and a few notes on the dev blog. It'll be interesting seeing what in-game content Almost Human plans to share next. Will we see more outdoor exploration this time around?

Grimrock 2 was first announced last month. While the devs will indeed be trying a few new things, it would seem that this upcoming sequel will stay true to the vision of the original. Did you play the first Grimrock? What do you think of the lush landscape seen in this Grimrock 2 shot?


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