First four minutes of 'Warm Bodies' helps us get to know R

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The first four minutes of the zombie rom-com Warm Bodies has appeared on the film's website. In it, we are introduced to the main character, R. His name is R because he can't remember the rest of it, but he's pretty sure that it started with an 'r.' As actor Nicholas Hoult (R) narrates us through the life of a zombie, we learn that there's multiple ways that this epidemic could've happened, but no one's quite sure. He has some human thoughts as he passes by other zombies, and he wants more than this life. 

It looks like a fresh take on the zombie genre, and it's one rom-com I'm sure that guys won't mind seeing. The bad part for me is that my wife doesn't like anything remotely scary. Is it awkward if I go see it by myself? Warm Bodies opens February 1, 2013, right in time to make it the perfect-ish Valentine's Day date.

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