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First Ever MLG Fighter Arena this weekend


Major League Gaming is continuing its support of the FIghting Game Community with its first ever Arena tournament for Mortal Kombat and Soul Calibur V(on the PS3). Both of these tournaments have a prize pool of $3,400, which is quite large for a fighting game tournament, especially one that's technically a side tournament in the overall Spring Season. These two tournaments will feature the top eight from the Winter Championships in both of these games. All of this will be covered by Juicebox_Abel, the commentator I personally was most impressed with from the broadcast. Check out this release from MLG, which includes how you can tune in and the schedule of events.

The Broadcast:

The Fighter Arena will be broadcast LIVE online via two streams, beginning Saturday, April 28 at 2:00pm ET. 

  • Stream 1 will feature constant gameplay cast by Juicebox Abel, Tom Brady, and Bibulus. SD viewing will be free and HD viewing passes are available now for $4.99.
  • The Dr Pepper Ultimate Access stream, hosted by Gootecks, will be free all weekend long and will feature behind-the-scenes coverage, interviews and more.


The Top 8 Winter Championship finishers from each game will be competing in the Fighter Arena. Players will compete in Pool Play, followed by Semifinal matches and then the Finals. Here are the players for each game, divided into their Pools:

Mortal Kombat Pool A Seed   Mortal Kombat Pool B Seed
vVv_CDjr 1   vVvREO 2
riu48 5   KT_Smith 6
kndetroitballn 8   KnCrazyDominican 7
Soul Calibur V Pool A Seed   Soul Calibur V Pool B  Seed
Keev 1   rtd_atl 2
Something-Unique 4   Shin_RyuJin 3
wing_zero012 5   LostProvidence 6
ilTokyoli 8   Kayane 7


Schedule for Saturday, April 28 (all times ET):

2:00 PM   Keev vs ilTokyoli
2:15 PM   rtd_atl vs Kayane
2:30 PM   Something-Unique vs wing_zero012
2:45 PM   Shin_RyuJin vs LostProvidence
3:00 PM   Keev vs wing_zero012
3:15 PM   rtd_atl vs LostProvidence
3:30 PM   Something-Unique vs ilTokyoli
3:45 PM   Shin_RyuJin vs Kayane
4:00 PM   Keev vs Something-Unique
4:15 PM   rtd_atl vs Shin_RyuJin
4:30 PM   wing_zero012 vs ilTokyoli
4:45 PM   LostProvidence vs Kayane
5:00 PM   1st Place Pool A vs 2nd Place Pool B
5:15 PM   1st Place Pool B vs 2nd Place Pool A
5:30 PM   FINALS
6:00 PM   vVv_CDjr vs kndetroitballn
6:15 PM   vVvREO vs KnCrazyDominican
6:30 PM   CURBOLICOUS vs riu48
6:45 PM   VSM_Maxter vs KT_Smith
7:00 PM   vVv_CDjr vs riu48
7:15 PM   vVvREO vs KT_Smith
7:30 PM   CURBOLICOUS vs kndetroitballn
7:45 PM   VSM_Maxter vs KnCrazyDominican
8:00 PM   vVv_CDjr vs CURBOLICOUS
8:15 PM   vVvREO vs VSM_Maxter
8:30 PM   riu48 vs kndetroitballn
8:45 PM   KT_Smith vs KnCrazyDominican
9:00 PM   1st Place Pool A vs 2nd Place Pool B
9:15 PM   1st Place Pool B vs 2nd Place Pool A
9:30 PM   FINALS
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