FireFall’s second public beta weekend starts Friday

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Kicking off this Friday, February 22nd, Red 5 Studios will be starting the second public beta weekend for its upcoming MMO FireFall. Like all weekends, this beta event ends Sunday at 11:59 pm PST. That’s plenty of time to get some FireFall action in. Red 5 Studios has made some improvements to existing systems that veteran players will be able to pick up on this time around. If you’re in the camp that has never played FireFall before, there is no time better than this very weekend MMOFPS fans.

On top of being able to give the game a run, there are other incentives to logging in this weekend. Put some time into FireFall this weekend and receive a custom “mid-air” decal for free. Soooo… see you on this weekend?

Check out the video below to get a bit of a sense of what you’re freefalling into. Sign up for the beta HERE if you haven't yet.

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