Firefall’s “Night of Melding” gets the Halloween mood started

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Want to make your Firefall experience a bit more spooky?  For the next two weeks you can do just that with the “Night of Melding” event.  Halloween themed collectables are available for you collector types.  These items include animated tombstones, invisibility-granting bat-bombs, skull hats, witch hats, and more.

To get the mood going, Red 5 has also released two shot films.  As part of the Continuum series on Stage 5 TV, top indie filmmakers have created these Halloween themed shorts.  For you Twilight fans, check out “So Pretty” to see just how sparkly vampires are.  If visual FX and animation is more your thing, you will not want to miss out on “The Green Ruby Pumpkin.”          

Alright, so you’ve achieved the Halloween spirit, congrats.  If you’re not in the Firefall beta yet, you can get in anytime by becoming a founder.  If you’ve already decided that you’re committing yourself to Firefall, why not get permanent EXP boots for you and all your friends?      

Happy “Night of Melding” all.  It ends November 14th. 

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