Firefall's Mobile Gaming Unit is totally a traveling tournament

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Red 5 Studios has officially revealed Firefall's Mobile Gaming Unit. Now, before you think this is some peripheral for your smartphone, I'll just tell you right now that you're wrong. Wrong I tell you!

The Mobile Gaming Unit is, in actuality, a "tournament on wheels," explained Red 5. It's an actual moving vehicle that's 48 feet long and houses moving Firefall LAN parties. The Mobile Gaming Unit will be officially unveiled at this year's Anime Expo, where it will be prepped to begin its cross-country tour.

As announced by Red 5, the Mobile Gaming Unit will be used to host 1,000-player eSports competitions. It's a pretty cool concept, and it's definitely not something you see every day. I imagine the thing will be packed with tasty food and ice cold beverages, which really ups its impressive awesomeness even more.

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