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Firefall MMO announced for PS4 at Chinajoy 2015

No word on a western release yet

The Chinajoy 2015 conference had some interesting news this week with some displays of Project Morpheus and upcoming PlayStation titles. Also announced by Red 5 Studios was the fact that its free to play MMO Firefall will be coming to PS4. It was annouced by Chris Whiteside of Red 5 on stage at the event while he debuted some gameplay footage and screens. 

Firefall is a shooter based MMO that plays a lot like Destiny. In Firefall, players will wage war against an invading force known as the Chosen. Outfitted with customizable military-grade battleframes, players will be able to collect resources and equipment as well as craft their own upgraded arsenal of weapons and abilities. Players will also have the ability to switch battleframes and explore a different play-style at their leisure without having to create a brand new character every time. 

In addition to the campaign missions, quests, and dynamic world events, players will also have the opportunity to challenge one another on a brand-new PvP continent. Known as the Broken Peninsula, players will be able to engage other players in an attempt to secure valuable resources and territory control. Firefall is currently available only on PC and more information can be found on their official site. We've reached out to Red 5 to see if a western release is also in the works and will let you know what we find out. 
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