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Firefall final public beta announced


Red 5 Studios has announced that Firefall, its MMO free-to-play shooter, will enter its final public beta on Friday, June 7. The latest beta will include updated progression and crafting, new abilities, new locations, new missions, and improved targeting in combat. 

The final Firefall public beta will run for three days. During that time, there will be a special contest that gives winners high-end gear. There's also a special unlock available for the Infiltrator Nightvision Goggles. 

In April, Red 5 Studios announced that Firefall's open beta starts July 9. You can purchase the Founder's Pack until July 8, which includes permanent XP and squad bonuses, in-game currency and more.

If you're wondering when the game will officially "release," Firefall might be one of those games that never gets a release date. The game will be live July 9, but it's always going to be changing. So I guess it lives in a sort-of permanent open beta -- until they give us a release date, that is.

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