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FireFall final beta milestone is coming with PvP eSports game ‘Jetball’


I feel as if Firefall has been in some sort of beta period for an eternity by now. I’m all for developers taking the time necessary to ensure a game's release won't fall victim to bugs. This battle frame wearing, resourcing gathering, PvP fest has already gone through several renditions. Well as of today, Red 5 Studios has announced Firefall’s final closed beta milestone will be live Thursday June 27th.

Part of this update is Firefall’s first story-based episode, Blackwater Anomaly. This cooperative story based mission takes players out of New Eden and tosses them deep into the Melding. If you’ve been curious about more backstory about the Chosen, this is your opportunity.

On the PvP side of things, there is the up and coming eSport – Jetball. Your team will face up vs. another team where you’ll fly and shoot a ball into a goal. A player with the ball can’t defend themselves so passes and teamwork will be absolutely necessary. Only with well-timed teamwork will you be victorious on the fields of Jetball.

If you haven’t played Firefall yet but want too, it’s gotten pretty easy at this point. Find a buddy who has and they should be able to get you in. Or, you can sign up HERE. Founder’s Packs can be bought up to July 8th. Watch this live action trailer to get your hype going.

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