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Firefall devs have put 2 years of tech into vehicles


Firefall won't have vehicles at launch, but Red 5 Studios boss Mark Kern has confirmed that they are "ahead of the dev curve" when the time comes to implement them.

Responding to fans via the forums, Kern said that the developers of Firefall have "about 2 years of tech put into vehicles".

"We decided to concentrate on non-vehicle combat and save vehicles for a later time," Kern explained.  "But when we're ready to tackle it, we are already ahead of the dev curve."

Of course this doesn't mean that vehicles will be implemented shortly after launch either.  The addition of vehicles to Firefall might not come for another year.  But it's good to know that when they do decided to focus on vehicles, they will already have a few years of progress towards the goal.

In other news, Kern also responded to fans asking if the free-to-play game would be available on Steam.  While Kern did say he'd love for a partnership to work, right now Firefall is not a good fit.

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