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FireFall Dev Diary video promotes player interaction


If you are late jumping on the FireFall bandwagon, there is no time better than now to get onboard.  Red 5 Studios wants you to join their beta for this first / third person shooter MMORPG.  The process literally takes one-minute, you can spare it.  The invites are going to work virally.  For example, say you get invited into the beta; soon you will get more invites to hand out to your friends to also join the game.  Why are they doing it like this?  They want to avoid the unstable servers around release date unlike other MMOs.  Plus, how often do you get in a multiplayer beta but are unable to share the experience with your close friends – problem solved.

The game will focus around player interaction and unity.  There is a type of ‘fog of war’ called the ‘molding’ which players can’t access.  As players participate and get their crafting on, eventually they will be able to build these items called MRU units which will push the molding way cross server, thus revealing more of the Earth to explore.  Eventually all the molding will be able to be removed and all of the earth will be playable.  This concept is wildly intense.    

Since this molding removal process is cross server, this is how the developers will add new content.  If players push enough molding away the Red 5 team knows where to add new content.  For an MMO, this is so far away from the classical linear approach that we are all use too.  In my opinion, it’s this sort of diversity that could save the future of MMOs.  FireFall’s new content will be a very alluring form of controlled chaos.           

Here is what you do:  watch the trailer, sign up for the beta, play the game, and then get all your friends to play the game.  Did I mention that FireFall is 100% free?  And no, I’m not talking about just the beta – the entire game is free.  If your mind wasn’t blown yet, considered it in pieces now.

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