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Finding Dory is likely one of Disney Infinity 3.0's unannounced playsets

"Get back here!"

Finding Dory

It's been hard for the Disney Infinity team to keep surprises in the vault. Just recently, it was officially confirmed that Ant-Man, Baloo, Black Panther, and other characters will be joining the figure catalogue on March 15 (same with Boba Fett), but these were leaked more than a month ago.

And the spoiled surprises continue.

As discovered by Twitter user FlashDash3579, the back of a Kraft Dinner box teases that a Finding Dory playset is coming to Disney Infinity 3.0 sometime this year. This will make it one of three unannounced campaigns (Marvel Battlegrounds is the fourth) that are planned for the rest of 3.0's lifecycle.

This isn't the first time that Finding Nemo content has appeared in the Disney Infinity universe — Power Discs of the Finding Nemo skydome and terrain were made available in 1.0 — but this will introduce a change in gameplay mechanics with the emphasis on swimming. It could also pave the way for characters that were previously ruled out, such as Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

Potentially game changing.

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