Final Fantasy XIII Larger-than-Life Gallery and Chocobo Panic Now Available

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Square Enix, Inc., the publisher of SQUARE ENIX interactive entertainment products in North America, announced today the digital photo collection FINAL FANTASY XIII LARGER-THAN-LIFE GALLERY and party game Chocobo Panic available for the iPad.

FINAL FANTASY XIII LARGER-THAN-LIFE GALLERY and Chocobo Panic will be available in Japan, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, North America, Spain and Switzerland.

FINAL FANTASY XIII LARGER-THAN-LIFE GALLERY for iPad The FINAL FANTASY XIII LARGER-THAN-LIFE GALLERY, the high resolution digital photo collection previously released on iPhone /iPod touch, is now available for the iPad.

The images featured in the FINAL FANTASY XIII LARGER-THAN-LIFE GALLERY can be resized using the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch multi-touch functionality. By adjusting the beautifully mastered CG images, fans can experience the elaborative and extraordinary gallery details - from the minute lifelike detail of the eye colors and fingertips, to the beautifully designed and embellished outfits and accessories. The FINAL FANTASY XIII LARGER-THAN-LIFE GALLERY also features a clock and calendar which can be added to the top of any image within the gallery.

Also included are images that will appear in 3D when utilizing red-blue 3D glasses (3D GLASSES NOT INCLUDED). Chocobo Panic Catching chocobos has never been so crazy! Play in single or co-op modes, or as a group using a single iPad. Players must use their fingers to catch and hold on to the multi-colored chocobos running around top-screen, and cannot let go until instructed to do so.

COMING SOON! Square Enix will also make available popular iPhone/iPod touch games – CHAOS RINGS and CRYSTAL DEFENDERS for the iPad.

Steven Hopper
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