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Final Fantasy XI Celebrates 7th Anniversary

May 12, 2009

Final Fantasy XI Celebrates 7th Anniversary

Square Enix, Inc. has announced the 7th anniversary of the launch of FINAL FANTASY XI, the first online game in the FINAL FANTASY series.

Released in Japan on May 16th, 2002, this title has continued to expand its content and scope over the years. Just last month, for the first time, FINAL FANTASY XI exceeded the 2 million mark for active characters, a testimony to the continued enthusiasm of its players.

Since its release, the game has continued to evolve its mystical, ever-changing world, Vana’diel, releasing four complete expansion packs – RISE OF THE ZILART, CHAINS OF PROMATHIA, TREASURES of AHT URHGAN and WINGS OF THE GODDESS – as well as countless in-game activities, quests and content updates. Most recently, the team released ‘A Crystalline Prophecy – Ode of Life Bestowing’, an add-on scenario for the game, with two additional scenarios currently in development.

Coinciding with the anniversary time frame, the team will launch the annual Adventurer Appreciation Campaign for the community, as a thank you for their loyal patronage. Currently under way, players can receive a special commemorative Anniversary Ring from moogles in the game’s three nations.

Concurrently, the Mog Tablet quest also kicks off on May 12th, as FINAL FANTASXY XI players are invited to search for the legendary eleven lost tablets of King Kupofried. Armed with hints to their locations, players who find these hidden treasures will be rewarded with special powers and further gifted with Kupofried’s Ring. As a special 7th anniversary bonus, players who uncover all eleven tablets within Adventurer Appreciation week will receive all eleven powers simultaneously, for the very first time!

FINAL FANTASY XI is rated T (Teen). The official FINAL FANTASY XI website can be found at

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