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Final Fantasy X HD Remake for Playstation Vita and PS3


Does anybody remember Bandai's Wonderswan? This was a portable console which had no business trying to take on Nintendo's Gameboy (not to mention the overwhelming selling power of Pokemon) yet somehow managed to turn a small profit simply by being the first console to offer the Final Fantasy games in portable form. And now it appears Sony is taking a page out of Bandai's playbook, announcing a remastered version of Final Fantasy X for both the Playstation Vita and the Playstation 3.

Now "Remastered" is a loose term, but it's hard to believe Square Enix won't take advantage of the Vita's generous 960×544 resolution, and deliver a full HD experience. Aside from our speculation, no new features have been announced, though it seems obvious this move will sell a heck of a lot of Vitas. Final Fantasy is a big name, a name that lured many players away from Nintendo back when Final Fantasy VII was first announced for the original Playstation. Perhaps we'll see a similar scenario play out here...

And still we wait for the day Square decides to remake Final Fantasy VII. In my head, I can already hear the fanboys shrieking...

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