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Final Fantasy VIII Remake More Requested than VII


Thought Final Fantasy VII would be the most requested Square hi-def remake? Guess again. According to a poll of 1,075 gamers conducted by Ameba News, Final Fantasy VIII was voted number one of the top titles that people would like to play with remade PlayStation 3 visuals.

The rest of the list includes:

1. Final Fantasy VIII (Square) 2. Final Fantasy VII (Square) 3. Final Fantasy IX (Square) 4. Xenogears (Square) 5. Valkyrie Profile (Enix) 6. Parasite Eve (Square) 7. Ghost in the Shell (Sony) 8. Bakusou Dekotora Densetsu (Human) 9. Klonoa: Door to Phantomile (Namco) 10. Dino Crisis (Capcom) 11. King's Field (From Software) 12. Segare Ijiri (Square) 13. Legend of Dragoon (Sony) 14. Front Mission Alternative (Square) 15. Vagrant Story (Square) 16. Tobal No.1 (Square) 17. Kowloon's Gate (Artdink) 18. Bushido Blade (Square) 19. Ehrgeiz (Square) 20. Pepsiman (Kid)

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