Final Halo 3 Easter egg discovered today, seven years after release

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Halo 3 originally released for Xbox 360 in September of 2007, but its final, notorious secret has only been uncovered today.

What kept this Easter egg hidden among the game’s mountain of secrets and subtle jokes? As TeamBeyond reports, a Q&A from Bungie, released just as the studio handed the Halo IP to 343 Industries, revealed that the then-hidden Easter egg could only be seen “on a specific day.”  

Thanks to TeamBeyond, we now know that that day is December 25. They learned that the Easter egg is accessed by holding both analogue sticks during the loading screen. Doing so reveals a message embedded in the loading ring: a happy birthday wish, fully read “Happy birthday Lauren," Lauren being the wife of one of the game's makers. 

Well, we know what every Xbox 360 owner is doing this Christmas.

[via Eurogamer, image via TechnoBuffalo

Austin Wood
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