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Final Guild Wars 2 Profession Leaked Early


ArenaNet originally had plans to reveal the final profession in Guild Wars 2 on Wednesday.  Thanks to Gamereactor Denmark, who accidentally leaked the new trailer, it was revealed early that the Mesmer will be the final profession in Guild Wars 2.

Leaked profession's is nothing new to ArenaNet who earlier in the year had the Thief profession, their grand PAX EAST 2011 announcement, spoiled a week early.  Despite the excitement, some fans remained skeptical that the trailer was actually legit.  As it turns out, the Mesmer is for real, confirmed earlier by ArenaNet's Martin Kerstein on the official Guild Wars 2 Twitter.

"Yes, Mesmer is the final profession.  Seems like someone jumped the gun.  Official reveal will be on Wednesday, stay tuned."

While you can watch the "unofficial" trailer below, it might be out of context because the official website hasn't been released yet.

Similar to the Mesmer professional in the original game, the Guild Wars 2 version seems to be all about illusions, deception, and misdirection.  ArenaNet did state prior to the leak that the final class would be a complex one.  Then again, usually complex means highly rewarding, and this class definitely looks fantastic.


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