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Final Fantasy XV leaked for Wii U and PS3, no Xbox 360?

If the video is real, and I do have some doubts, it looks like Square Enix could be rebranding Final Fantasy Versus XIII as Final Fantasy XV.

The leaked video, first seen on YouTube, shows off gameplay footage of Final Fantasy Versus XIII - a companion piece to Final Fantasy XIII supposedly set in the same Fabula Nova Crystallis universe.  It was first announced at E3 2006.  As the story goes, Final Fantasy XIII released, but Versus was no where to be found.  It hasn't been seen or heard of since...until now...maybe.

Here's the catch: it's apparently been rebranded as Final Fantasy XV.  A full, numbered sequel.

I do remain a little skeptical about the video, however.  First off, if you've ever been to one of these exclusive unveilings available only to press, they usually have very strict no filming or photography rules.  And I mean they are strict.  Usually dozens of people go up and down the isles to make sure no cameras or out.  In this video, it looks like the person filming was just right in the open.

Which brings me to my next point, the room is pretty small.  It almost looks like it was filmed in a classroom.  A game this big, if unveiled to the press first, would probably have quite a few members of the press there - not just three or four.  This could easily be doctored to overlay a new logo over the original. 

Why else could it be fake? How about not even a hint from Square Enix.  In their E3 lineup press statement, they didn't even hint or clue about a "big surprise".  It could be that they are waiting until E3 to unveil it for the first time, but usually things like this tend to leak way earlier.  It'd be hard to keep something this huge under wraps for so long.

And here's the real kicker, no Xbox 360?  At the end of the video, the game's platforms are listed as the PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii U.  Now, Nintendo and Sony could very well have paid a buttload of money to get this exclusively.  It would provide a huge boost for the Wii U's launch titles, but Sony already has a ton of exclusives.  Why add another?  Secondly, would Microsoft really not want this on their console?  I find it hard to believe that it wouldn't release on Xbox 360.  If true, and if so, this could be a huge blow for Microsoft and the Xbox 360 which is already lacking on titles.

All things point to this video being completely fake...Still, the idea intrigues me along with other fans of the Final Fantasy series I'm sure.  If it turns out to be true, then great for Wii U and PS3 fans.  And if true, this is a major spoiler of a potentially mega announcement for Square Enix. If fake, that's unfortunate; I'm sure a lot of Final Fantasy fans would love for Square Enix to announce something at E3.

So what do you guys think: real or fake?


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