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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn boasts incredible graphics that won't require you to upgrade your PC

FFXIV: A Realm Reborn

Plan on revisiting Eorzea later this year? Final Fantasy XIV 2.0 or as it is now called, A Realm Reborn, will boast a lot of new features and redesigns. One major update will be to the graphics. That to me is already absurd, considering the graphics were already pretty great in version 1.0.

Nevertheless, Naoki Yoshida, the producer/director spoke highly of the game and its redesign, stating the game has "the highest quality graphics of any current MMO." That's quite a claim.

While this is certainly great news for people that love their MMO's to be pretty, will this mean players will need to upgrade their specs? Turns out no. If your computer was able to run FFXIV in its previous state, it will run A Realm Reborn with no necessary upgrades. Nifty!

A new Limit Break system similar to Final Fantasy VII's will be implemented into combat, and will unleash powerful attacks that can be triggered by an entire party. Speaking of battles, they too have been reworked to be a bit faster and smoother than before.

If like me you found yourself confused in the initial stages of Final Fantasy XIV, you'll be pleased to know that a tutorial of sorts was implemented, allowing newer players to get more acquainted to FFXIV's playstyle. This tutorial will be implemented into quests, so players will be able to learn about the game while making progress to their character.

While an official release date is still yet to be announced, a beta test for A Realm Reborn is so far scheduled to happen in Winter 2012.


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