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Final Fantasy XIII-2 hitting Steam (PC) next month; Bringing new features with it

I won't say no...


The Final Fantasy series has been seeing plenty of ports recently, whether its to mobile devices or to the PC there have been quite a few.

It was recently revealed that Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be coming to Steam (PC) by then of this year with a host of new features.

The port will feature an enhanced version of the game specifically optimized for the PC. FFXIII-2 will feature DLC from the console version of the game, 60 frames per second graphics and a customizable resolution. Environments have been made larger, the battle system has been enhanced and the ability to choose between English or Japanese voice overs will be yours.

While there was a trailer for North America earlier today, it was set to private soon after going live. Here's a link to the French trailer (don't worry there's no voice in the audio).


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