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Final Fantasy XIII-2 "Have a Large Amount of DLC", Plans Outlined


Final Fantasy XIII-2 is set to release in December in Japan, while launching in the US on January 31, but that hasn't stopped fans from already asking questions about Final Fantasy XIII-2 downloadable content.

In an interview with Dengeki PlayStation, FFXIII-2 producer Yoshinori Kitase said that hte game will have a large amount of DLC.  Now, "large amount" can mean something different to many people, so in an attempt to give a rough schedule, he said he expects one to two updates every month, each containing multiple items.

Square Enix has already revealed some DLC, including new costumes for the two main characters, Noel and Sera.  The monthly DLC won't be all costumes and weapon, though.  Monthly DLC will introduce new monsters like "Boss Monster Omega", which allows players to fight and eventually recruit him.  These boss additions will also allow players to defeat a monster in order to get an item, mixing in gameplay to obtain the DLC.

Unfortunately, there is no confirmation on the pricing of the DLC, but Kitase did promise a fair price that reflects the quality of the DLC.

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