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Final Fantasy XIII-2 demo now available on 360 and PS3


Though many of you are still slogging your way through the stacks of awesome games released this holiday season. game journalists like myself are desperately awaiting the next wave of games to hit, so we'll have something to talk about once again! 

Thankfully, Square-Enix has saved their big gun for the post-holiday shopping season, with Final Fantasy XIII-2 sure to deplete many a GameStop gift card. Though the game hasn't been seeing stellar sales numbers in it's home country, it's been too long since we've seen a solid JRPG here in the States, and I'm predicting some rather competent sales numbers. To whet the appetites of you experience point junkies, Square Enix has just put out a playable demo of the game, which lets players aquaint themselves with new protagonists Noel and Serah. 

In addition to letting gamers parade about as the plucky young teens, the demo also spotlights the new "cinematic action sequence battles," quick time events which offer players an edge in battle when completed successfully. Also spotlighted is the Paradigm Pack System, giving players the ability to befriend various Final Fantasy series monsters and fight alongside them in battle.

Oh, and a big honkin' boss named Atlas shows up as well. Watch out for him.

The demo is available now on both Playstation Network and Xbox Live, while Final Fantasy XIII-2 will release proper on January 31st. Will you be picking this one up?

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