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Final Fantasy meets Monster Hunter in Final Fantasy Explorers


(Okay not literally, but wouldn’t that be one hell of a mash-up?)

Square Enix today revealed the next handheld installment in the Final Fantasy franchise: Final Fantasy Explorers, which takes the games in a decidedly Monster Hunter-y direction.

The reveal artwork, featured in Japan’s Jump Magazine, shows four iconic characters—Monk, White Mage, Knight and Dark Mage from left to right—sporting familiar gear but in an unfamiliar art style against a new type of enemy. Certainly the Final Fantasy series is no stranger to giant monsters, but Explorers will be the first game in the series based around them, and will likely bring unique gameplay mechanics with it. Perhaps we’ll see the return of the job system? 

No further details have been released at this time and Final Fantasy Explorers has currently only been confirmed for a Japanese release on 3DS. We'll update you with more information as it surfaces. 

Austin Wood
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