Final Fantasy launches 25 year anniversary website to celebrate

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Haven't you heard? Square is celebrating 25 years of Final Fantasy. We already celebrated the series' fantastic music through Theatrhythm, but this time, Square wanted to make a hub for fans to get together, and chat about their favorite titles.

Celebrating 25 years of over 40 different titles across over a dozen platforms and selling more than 100 million units, this new website hopes to do a little of what the famed series has done for so many fans worldwide; tell stories.

The new website doesn't offer a whole lot of features, but does give you an extensive look at the entire series' biography, which doesn't go too much in depth of each title, but serves more as a reminder of what each title was about.

The site also introduces Mognet, which is a mail system of sorts where trivia and secrets regarding various Final Fantasy titles will be revealed over time.

If you're a fan of the series, or maybe you once were, you owe it to yourself to go check the site out, and perhaps leave a memory of your favorite Final Fantasy moment?

Sound off and let us know what Final Fantasy title was your favorite?

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