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Final Fantasy creator plans to create surfing game for iPhone


Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi will be taking a break from console development and instead turn to the iPhone for his next project.

Sakaguchi has a trio of iOS games he is currently working on, but he remains vague about the details.

"The first one is a surfing game," Sakaguchi told Eurogamer.

"He's not joking," his translator confirmed, in case you actually thought he was.

Surfing is actually one of Sakaguchi's hobbies, which could explain why he chose that as his first iPhone title.

Sakaguchi's turn to the mobile iOS market is due, in part, to him being "an Apple fan" and noticing the rapid increase in the smartphone market.  But the increasing demand for mobile games won't necessarily overtake console gaming, he says.

"Images outputted by PCs or consoles will always be of higher quality," Sakaguchi said.  "So they will never disappear off the face of the Earth."

Part of his decision to leave the console market was to take a break from people asking him about the Final Fantasy series - which could also be why he's going in a completely opposite direction with his surfing iPhone game.

"I had six interviews this morning and afternoon and there were so many questions about Final Fantasy," he said. "I am really tired of it!"

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