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Final Fantasy 9 is being re-released on PC and mobile

Vivi is back!!

In a surprising anouncement today, Square Enix Japan has announced that Zidane, Vivi, Adelbert and the rest of the Final Fantasy 9 crew will be getting a coming out party and are being re-released on PC and mobile platforms.

Set to debut on Ios, Android, and PC, the game has received all new, remastered graphics, achievements and more. Final Fantasy 9 sees Zidane and his crew have to defeat Queen Brahne of Alexandria after she's started a war amongst the people. Some of the features that were unique to the game at the time of release were Mognet, Active Time Events and a skill system that reinvented the franchise upon its release. Eidolons are in the game as well with each individual character having their own abilities.

Personally, Final Fantasy 9 is my 2nd favorite after Tidus and Yuna in FFX with its debut of voice acting in the series. The game will launch on PC as well as Ios and Android. No word on price yet but we'll let you know as soon as we hear

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