Final Fantasy 4: The After Years has arrived on iOS & Android


Final Fantasy IV will always be one of my favorite Final Fantasy titles of all time (nothing will ever take the crown from VI). Who doesn’t like Kain taking all your s@#$ every time he decides to run off and be a complete a-hole to you? Classic. For this reason, I remember being super excited when Final Fantasy IV: The After Years was released on Wii. I didn’t however, like that you had to purchase each episode. Thus, I don’t think I ever bought anything past the first two.

Due to Square Enix’s announcement today, people who fall into my category have a second shot at the after story of the classic they grew up with and love. As of today, you can purchase The After Years for both iOS and Android, on sale, for $10.99 until February 5th – it well then go to $15.99. So don’t hesitate if you’re on the fence, take The After Years everywhere with you. Take the roll of Ceodore (the son of Cecil and Rosa), Kain, Rydia, and others for ten chapters of classic Final Fantasy action.


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