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Final Fantasy 15 Ships 5 Million Copies Since Launch

Fastest launch start achieved by Square Enix

Final Fantasy 15 Ships 5 Million Copies Since Launch

Final Fantasy XV is really taking the spotlight in terms of gaming this week. Scenes from the release party show not only the fans excitement of the title but the developers as well. Today, however, excitement in the form of numbers show just how successful this title has been so far. Final Fantasy XC has shipped 5 million copies worldwide following its launch, according to Siliconera who translated the Japanese press release.

With this including PS4 and Xbox One, digital and physical copies, it marks Final Fantasy XV as the fastest-selling entry in the series to date. This seems to be a trend in gaming this week, as Pokemon Sun and Moon recently hit the same milestone in their own series.

Final Fantasy 15 Ships 5 Million Copies Since Launch

Back in April 2016, Final Fantasy XV  director Hajima Tabata set their goalpost on sales around 10 million copies in order to be considered a success and considering today is day two of the game going live and they've seen half of that already, it's probably safe to say this game is going to succeed.

The game has been the top of discussion for many, including the story, reviews, and even performance comparisons. GameZone even offered tips on how to get the most enjoyable experience out of Final Fantasy XV. 

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