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Fighting Games at MLG: Some Impressions


Today, the MLG Winter Championships kicked off, and for the first time in a long while featured some fighting games. The Fighting Game Community at large is, for the most part, against the eSports movement and especially MLG due to the amount of procedure, commercializtion, etc. However, I didn't really think it was all bad - here's my thoughts on the matter, in no particular order.

  • Watcihing the stream, the quality was very good despite only being 380p for non-gold members.
  • When the stream first kicked off, the pacing was pretty horrible. You could tell someone at MLG wasn't sure how to go about doing matches that only lasted about 5 minutes
  • This improved once Arturo Sanchez took over the production, limiting ads from once a match to once a set.
  • Commentary was kind of dry until Juicebox_Abel got on the mic with Fubarduck. Whether this was a result of inexperience or just because of the personality of The Answer is unclear, but definitely improved after the 4 hour mark. 
  • King of Fighters XIII makes a great tournament game - remarkably well balanced. Definitely some Hype Worthy Moments in this tournament
  • Play proceeded a little slower than most fighting game tournaments, however the commentary seemed much more professional than usual
  • Video feed dropped off a few times, they need some practice using MLG's fancy equipment. Most of the time Fighting Game Tourneys use one laptop to run the stream. 

If you feel like I missed something, comment below!

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