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Fighting Fantasy gamebook House of Hell lives again on iOS and Android

The 10th Fighting Fantasy gamebook, House of Hell, has made the leap to digital and is available now on iOS and Android, according to Pocket Gamer.

Steve Jackson wrote the book, which released in 1984, and was also co-creator of the series. House of Hell follows an adventurer (that's you) who must seek refuge from the rain in a nearby mansion when his car breaks down.

The digital version of the paperback features customizable difficulty and colored illustrations, along with a bookmarking system that enables you to save your progress. It also includes "realistic 3D dice physics" and an updated adventure sheet.

House of Hell (from Tin Man Games) costs $5.99 on the App Store and Google Play. It's the second Fighting Fantasy app from Tin Man Games, according to the developer's blog. The first was Ian Livingstone's Blood of the Zombies.

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