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FIFA 15's new trailer is all about agility and control


EA Sports has released a new gameplay video showing off FIFA 15's "Agility and Control" feature. As part of EA's goal to produce "the most reponsive FIFA ever," the improved physics adds responsiveness and fluidity to the gameplay.

Redeveloped player biomechanics means players will now react to move with balance. In-game player movements will now more closely reflect their real life counterparts. For example, Leo Messi, a predominantly left-footed player, will visibly favor that foot.

Additionally, improved ball physics means the ball will now travel more appropriately in reaction to the momentum and spin. Depending on the position of the body part or the object it comes into contact with, every dribble, touch, pass, shot and deflection will move corresponding to the spin of the ball," EA promises. Additionally, FIFA 15 improves off-the-ball movements including full-body defending, shoulder barges and even shirt pulling.

These aren't the only changes coming to FIFA 15. Last month, EA released a video showing off all-new player and fan emotions and reactions.

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