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Whether you’re gamer that acknowledges sports games’ mark in the industry, or one who’s submerged in every title available in the genre, one cannot deny that FIFA’s success is absolutely eye-popping. Indeed, publisher EA confirmed earlier this year that from FIFA 13’s launch in September to the end of 2012, the game sold 12 million copies. Yes, 12 million freaking copies of Messi goodness. So yeah, they’re an established franchise.

With that in mind, today EA Sports confirmed that FIFA 14 is a thing and that a major reveal of the title will be happening tomorrow. According to the studio, the first details will come in the form of projected platforms, screenshots and hopefully videos of the game in action for the game that’s expected to once again be released in September.


Last month, FIFA lead producer David Rutter touched on what fans can expect with the next FIFA game. One major addition Rutter hinted at was a new connected online feature that will transform the way players play online without infringing on the single player’s success.

Also, to no soccer fan's surprise, it looks as though Messi will once again grace the cover of the game. Messi wrapped up unarguably the greatest year for a "footballer" in the history of the sport, thus making him much deserving of the cover crown. Of course, this is only speculation from the photo above.

Source: [Twitter]

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