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FIFA 13 Ultimate Team exploit gets players permanent bans


A bunch of players just got hit with the ban hammer. EA Sports has issued permanent bans to players that recently used the FIFA 13 Ultimate Team exploit. EA announced on their FIFA 13 Twitter account: "Yesterday, a very small number of users attempted to gain an unfair advantage on the FUT web app. The FUT13 Web App had to be taken offline to be stabilized and ensure a level playing field for all FUT users.

They continued, "Permanent bans for FIFA 13 FUT have been served to all users who attempted to gain an unfair advantage. Thanks for your patience while we create the best experience for all fans of FUT."

The exploit with FIFA 13 Ultimate Team was a browser exploit that allowed people access to restricted packs of football player cards. It's worried among the community that the star players that were sold on the market — like Messi and Ronaldo — will put the game's economy into jeopardy. Supposedly, the web exploit was pretty easy to achieve, and resulted in EA taking down the Ultimate Team 13 web app. It's now back online, but the issues with the game's economy remains, as well as player concerns as to why this same exploit happened for a second year in a row (FUT 12 had the same exploit last year).

So gamers, do the right thing. When you find an exploit, report it instead of, well, exploiting it. 

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[Source: Eurogamer]

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