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Fictional comedy on Indie Game: The Movie is NOT real


Earlier today, news surfaced that producer Scott Rudin and HBO had acquired the rights to Indie Game: The Movie. Supposedly, there were plans of turning the documentary, which shows the struggles of indie game developers, into a 30-minute fictional sitcom. This was met with plenty of surprise from gamers, but at the time the news broke, the film's producers were at a screening of the film, so they couldn't address any of it.

A few hours later, the Indie Game: The Movie Facebook and Twitter accounts were filled with updates on the story. As it turns out, HBO and Rudin have acquired the rights to the film, but they are not planning a fictional comedy. In fact, it's still not certain whether there will actually be a show based on Indie Game: The Movie.

That said, if a show does get produced, it will indeed be a 30-minute episodic series, and it will be fictional. That actually sounds pretty cool, though, and I'd really like to watch an episodic series on the everyday struggles of indie game devs. According to Indie Game: The Movie's producers, the team that may work on the show is a great crew that can really make some magic.

It's crazy to think that some potentially horrid news has turned into something that we can all get a bit excited about. I went from saying, "F*ck you, HBO" this morning to saying, "Hmm ... I may need to get HBO" a few hours later. Check out the full details straight from Indie Game: The Movie's Facebook page for the full scoop.

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