Fez tops XBLA charts, scores one for the little guy

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After several years of being in development, Polytron's Fez finally launched on Xbox Live Arcade. The indie title dropped on the Xbox 360's digital download shop this past Friday, and it has already managed to make quite the good impression.

GameZone's Robert Workman awarded the game an impressive 9.5/10 score, praising its mesmerizing puzzle platforming gameplay, pretty graphics, and beautiful soundtrack. Fez has received similar praise from plenty of other outlets, and the consensus is that the game is just freakin' awesome.

Fez has managed to top the Xbox Live Arcade sales charts, with Skullgirls and I Am Alive taking the number two and number three spots, respectively. By the way, why are people buying I Am Alive? Didn't that thing suck?

In any case, it's great to see Fez getting such recognition. It really is a great game that deserves to be played. And after putting so much work into releasing it, developer Phil Fish certainly deserves our hard-earned coins ... so he can spend them making more games and we can buy those, too!

[Major Nelson]

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