Fez rotates and puzzles its way to 100,000 sales

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It brings me great joy to report that Fez, the indie title from developer Polytron, has hit the 100,000 sales mark. That's certainly an admirable accomplishment, and I can personally only wish that people continue to buy this game to support Polytron and Phil Fish's efforts.

GameZone's Robert Workman awarded Fez an impressively, awesomely, incredibly super kick-ass score of 9.5/10 in his review. It was certainly well-deserved, as Fez managed to deliver an experience that was brilliant and thought-provoking.

I didn't actually buy an Xbox 360 until about a week prior to the launch of Fez. This game was the reason I bought a freakin' console! I'm glad to be one of the 100,000 folks who contributed to Fez.

If you haven't already, go play Fez. It's an incredible amalgamation of wondrous sounds, beautiful harmonies, vibrant visuals, and dazzling gameplay.


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