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FEZ release date announced for PS4, PS3, and Vita


Polytron's acclaimed 2D platformer, FEZ, will be released for PlayStation platforms -- PS4, PS3, and Vita -- on March 25.

Polytron Producer Marie-Christine Bourdua took to the PlayStation Blog today to share the wonderful news while touching on a few of the specifics for each platform. The PS3 will feature 720p resolution at 60 frames per second while the C++ port results in Fez running "smoothly at native resolution" on PS Vita.

Polytron considers the PS4 version, however, to be the "best-looking and smoothest FEZ experience you can get on a TV set." To that end, FEZ runs at 60 frames per second in 1080p on the PS4.

"You wouldn’t think that upping the resolution would make a big difference in a game like ours, where the pixels are the size of Gomez’s fist…," Bourdua said, "but it really does look even crisper and blockier — in a good way."

All three versions of the game are fairly the same, with a few PlayStation 4 specific additions. For instance, the DualShock 4's lightbar "bring[s] a little of Fez's world into your own home, and you may not need to search for that dusky pair of red/cyan glasses to experience a very late-game easter egg." If you really can't make up on your mind on which version to get, you are probably happy to hear that a cross-save slot is shared across all three platforms.

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