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Fez programmer wants to work with a team, not Polytron


Renaud Bédard, the sole programmer assigned to the recent indie hit Fez, said he "will probably not be working at Polytron" again.

Speaking to Edge magazine, Bédard confessed that after five isolated years on the project, he's discovered he wants to work with a creative team.

"Being a lone programmer is a great experience: you do everything in the game, but you never have anybody to learn from or bounce ideas off," he said. "There's the internet and forums, but that's not the same experience as being part of a proper team, and I think that's the experience I'm after now."

Fez was Bédard's first game, but his work isn't finished: Polytron is ironing out "serious" bugs, from crashes to corrupted save files and a total failure to boot.

The existing problems may have resulted from the lack of organization and communication at Polytron Corporation. According to Bédard, "We also didn't have a clear methodology that allowed us to set clear goals. We'd always say, 'OK, it's coming out in six months,' but we didn't really know what that meant."

Despite technical issues, Fez has been critically well-received and has climbed to the top of the XBLA charts. It released on April 13.

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