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FEZ, last week's major XBLA release, "came, saw, and conquered" with over 20,000 downloads out the gate. Unfortunately, the folks over at Polytron have encountered thousands of fans who are struggling to enjoy the game due to major bugs, even total crashes. Thankfully the developer is aware of the known issues and are currently working on a fix. 

Polytron released the following statement to players on their website

FEZ had more testing done in the past 24 hours by about TWENTY THOUSAND PEOPLE (!!) than it had in five years. So, as it happens, bugs popped up. Some pretty serious.

A small subset of older Xboxes with smaller hard drives can’t run the game at all. The game has trouble running off a USB stick. Crashes are occurring in specific levels or situations. In a rare situation (exiting the game from the “wall village” interiors), the save file becomes unusable. Nasty stuff.

We will be working internally and with Microsoft on those issues and let you know more later. It makes sense to issue a patch, but we don’t currently have an ETA on it.
If you have a game-breaking problem, let us know so we can look into fixing it. Lots of these problems have simple workarounds, so we can help you out, and email is easier than tweets.

Sorry, and thanks for understanding!
And we’re thrilled to see that the vast majority of you are enjoying the game as it was meant to be.


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