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Fez creator already planning his next game


When he's not busy trying to release Fez or being wrongfully called a racist, Polytron's Phil Fish is usually making games. Or planning games. In an interview with Joystiq, the indie game maker revealed that he was already formulating ideas for his next project, which is something he really can't wait to get started on.

While Fish said that Microsoft has been really kind to Polytron, and that working to release Fez on Xbox Live Arcade has certainly been pleasant, he made it clear that his next title would not land on the Xbox 360's digital download service. The designer completed his work on Fez about three months ago, and now he's just letting the other folks at Polytron get rid of any bugs before launch. As a result of being without much to do for the past few months, Fish has become restless.

Because it's going to take some time before Microsoft starts giving Polytron money from Fez, Fish stated that he would like to start a Kickstarter campaign to acquire the necessary funds for his next game. Though he fears people might question his decision to set up a Kickstarter immediately following the launch of Fez, the designer feels that it's the right move to ensure work on the next game gets started as soon as possible. "The best case scenario is we get paid three months after the release," said Fish. "I don't want to wait three months."

It's great seeing Fish already wanting to release a new game. And this is before we've even played his current project! Personally, I can't wait to play Fez, and I hope it's a successful indie game that's worth plenty of gamers' time and coins. As for Phil Fish, we'll be watching out for whatever he may have planned for the future.

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