Fez brings its mind-bending puzzle-platforming to Steam in May

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Developer Polytron Corporation (which I think may be just Phil Fish at this point) has announced that Fez is coming to Steam on May 1. You can check out the game's official Steam page, though it's currently not available for pre-purchase.

Fez became notorious for delivering some truly challenging puzzles and satisfying platforming gameplay. The game's visual style and soundtrack were also highly lauded.

Sadly, a few individuals encountered awful bugs, and Polytron didn't have the funds to pay Microsoft to patch the game. It would appear, however, that if updates need to be released for the Steam version of Fez, we won't have to deal with that same pesky problem.

If you've yet to play Fish's beloved gem for yourself, definitely keep an eye on the game now that it's headed to PC.

[@Polytron, Steam]

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