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Fez 2 skipping Xbox One or Xbox 360

Fez 2

Despite selling over 200,000 copies of Fez on Xbox LIVE Arcade, Polytron's Phil Fish will not be bringing its sequel to Xbox consoles. We still don't know what platforms Fez 2 will be released, but Fish told Polygon it's definitely "not Xbox."

His decision has nothing to do with the patch incident from 2012 in which Microsoft wanted the small studio to pay a second time for certification to fix an issue with corrupting some save files (a result of the first patch). His problem is that Microsoft is demanding a developer have a publisher.

"Thing is the patch is irrelevant to the situation. I would develop for xbone if they'd let me. but they won't. THAT's the fuc*ing story," Fish explained on Twitter. "I'm independent and I don't have a publisher. I can't release games on xbone."

"I'd love to release my games on every platform, but Microsoft is making it impossible for me to release on theirs," he added. "It's a shame."

But while Microsoft has shunned indie developers, the Sony is embracing them with the PlayStation 4. And for that, Fish believes the "PS4 seems to be doing everything right."

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