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Fenix Rage coming to Xbox One, PS4, Mac and PC

fenix rage

One of the highlights from PAX East 2014 for me was playing Fenix Rage, a 2D hardcore platformer from a two-man Costa Rican dev studio called Green Lava Studios. It has a flashy style, will remind people of Super Meat Boy, and will frustrate you beyond belief -- in a good way. 

It was just announced that Fenix Rage will be coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and Mac in fall 2014. Believe me when I say that this game is going to blow people away.

This fast-paced 2D platformer challenges players to make their way through a maze of dangerous obstacles, with an added challenge of getting a cookie. Your arsenal of abilities includes being able to run, jump and dash. Like Flappy Bird, continually pressing the jump button will have your player gain more height. The music is incredible, and the art style is retro and vibrant.

For more info on Fenix Rage, read my hands-on preview from PAX East.

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