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Feel the Need for Speed in this launch trailer for Rivals


If you're itching to put the pedal to the metal, and you're not quite cut out for the realistic sim features of Forza 5, then Need for Speed Rivals should be right up your alley.

Choosing to play as both racer or cop, you'll be able to progress through both campaigns and unlock specific cars and upgrades suited to your playstyle. 

A new generation of racing is soon to begin and it starts tomorrow with the only racing game coming to the PlayStation 4 this year. Put the ultimate rivalry into high stakes action as a Cop or Racer in our innovative new AllDrive system which destroys the line between single player and multiplayer gameplay.

The PlayStation 4 version will hit stores tomorrow on the console's launch day, while the current gen versions will come out 11/19. You can watch out for the Xbox One version on November 22.

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