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Feedback from Dragon's Dogma on PC could determine sequel's fate

Do it Capcom! DO IT!

If Dragon's Dogma PC goes well Capcom might consider a sequel

Capcom's 2012 RPG for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Dragon's Dogma, is set to release on the PC on January 15th. With the game's arrival on PC drawing closer, fans have begun to question whether Capcom plans on making a sequel. 

Apparently, Capcom doesn't have any official plans, but the company says if feedback from the PC release is good, the developers might seriously consider a sequel.

"Thanks for your interest in the series!" said producer Minae Matsukawa to PC Gamer. "The Dragon's Dogma development team members often talk about the possibility of a sequel. We'd love to hear the opinions and feedback from players of the upcoming PC port of Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen, as that will increase the chances that we can look into the possibility of continuing the series."

The PC release will include all of the content from the original game, as well as all of the DLC.

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