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February's PS Plus games for PS4 revealed

Sony jumps the gun on February's free PS4 games

February's PS Plus games for PS4 revealed

No official announcement has been made, but it looks like Sony might've jumped the gun on announcing next month's free PlayStation Plus games for PlayStation 4.

Revealed through a banner in the PlayStation Plus dashboard on PS4 (via Reddit), February's free PS Plus games for the system will be Helldivers and Nom Nom Galaxy.

Assuming the banner was correct, and there's no reason to believe it would not be, both games will be available to download on February 2nd.

Set in a sci-fi universe, Helldivers is a "hardcore," cooperative, twin-stick, top-down shooter from the creators of Magicka. Released on PS4 back in march 2015, the game was very well-received for its solid mechanics. In fact, it was one of our best games of 2015.

Nom Nom Galaxy, meanwhile, blends multiple genres such as tower defense, sandbox exploration, platforming, resource management, and construction all into a unique interstellar experience.

Sony's free PS3 and Vita games for February have not yet been leaked or announced. 

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