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Faulty Xbox One disc drives being reported


As was the case with the PlayStation 4's launch, videos of defective Xbox One units are beginning to roll in. A few new Xbox One owners have reported faulty disc drives with their brand new console. As you can see in the videos below, when putting a disc into the Xbox One it makes a grinding noise and the system is unable to read the disc.

It's important to note that we don't yet know how big of a problem this is. For all we know, this issue could just be affecting these four owners. Like the PS4, it's quite possible any issues with the Xbox One's hardware will seem more widespread than they actually are.

Regardless, those are some terrifying noises these Xbox One systems are making. As with any new hardware launch, a few defective systems are bound to spring up. This may only be a small number of affected systems, but it still sucks -- especially if you're an owner of one of these machines.

During the PlayStation 4's launch, videos of the PS4's "Blue Light of Death" were plastered all over the internet, causing widespread panic and concern despite Sony assuring less than 1% of the total PS4 units shipped were affected with some sort of hardware issue. 

Terrifying sound.

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