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Fatshark is hosting a free week of Warhammer: Endtimes - Vermintide on Steam

A whole week of this amazing game, for free! Thank you, Martin and Fatshark crew!


Revealing the sequel to a successful game is always a cause for celebration, and Stockholm based developer Fatshark knows to include the players and is currently letting Steam users play Warhammer: Endtimes - Vermintide for free for a whole week.

It was yesterday that Fatshark held their big official reveal of highly anticipated Warhammer: Vermintide 2, a sequel that promises to improve on every aspect of the game and place the story on the Imperial border to Bretonnia. So to celebrate this reveal, and the give PC gamers a taste of what to expect, Fatshark is now hosting a more-than-a-week-long "free weekend". I put "free weekend" in quotation marks because it started yesterday, Tuesday, October 17th, and will end on Thursday, October 26th, making it a sweet nine-day weekend!

Jokes aside, Vermintide will be playable for free from now until October 26th 10 am P.D.T, 01 pm E.D.T, 07 pm C.E.S.T, and 02 am J.S.T (October 27th). While Warhammer: Endtimes - Vermintide has it's nine-day free weekend it's also being sold at a 75% discount, that means a really amazing game being available for €7 or $7.50. Go get it, it's worth it!

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is set for release early 2018 for PC and pre-ordering nets you a free copy of the upcoming DLC for Vermintide 1, Death on the Reik. Check out the reveal trailer for Vermintide 2 bellow.

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