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Far Cry 2 Dev Slams LA Noire


LA Noire has managed to grab the attention of gamers everywhere, and it has accumulated an immense amount of praise for its compelling story, unique take on adventure gameplay, and impressive tech for facial animations. Gamers and critics have said mostly good things about the Team Bondi-developed title. One person, however, is quite vocal about his disdain toward LA Noire.

Creative director for Far Cry 2, Clint Hocking, had some negative opinions to share regarding the Rockstar-published adventure game. "1hr in. Moriarty was right re games as kitsch," tweeted Hocking. "Derivative, uninspired, narcissistic. Nothing original to say, & said badly."

He then continued to bash the game in response to another Twitter user. "Serious alright. Kitsch is the perfect definition IMO," continued Hocking. "The first scene w/ 'Cpt Dudley, if not kitsch, is then *plagiarism*."

Plenty of fans of the game will be quick to disagree with Hocking, and I certainly don't think what he said has any validity.

You might not agree with Hocking, especially since Far Cry 2--one of his biggest titles--had a bunch of flaws and glitches, but a major part of the gaming industry is based on opinions. What do you think?

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